Mushroom Wood


You gotta see it up front and personal.

A new life for abandoned coal mines in Appalachia yields ultra-rustic Mushroom Wood

Repurposed coal and limestone caves are used for growing mushrooms, and cypress, hemlock and other local species are used as growing platforms. New boards are rotated in when the boards are too weathered, and they come to us.


  • 1x thickness is standard
  • 2x available by order
  • 6” or 8” nominal widths
  • 4 to 12’ Long

Now, your good fortune: medium-to-deep brown, heavily grained material with fascinating, variable surface textures.
We kiln-dry and nylon-brush the boards to produce faces with raised knots and unmatched character.
The end result is well worth dealing with the irregularities: hey, that’s where the magic comes from!