Harbor Fir


An economical alternative to antique reclaimed brown barnwood.

Naturally weathered on the banks of the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah. Resawn fir from sawmill and logging by-products and damaged logs, salt-water sprayed and aged through the seasons. Rusted iron salvage stains the boards to lend an authentic character.

Wides and longs, consistent widths, and an endless reliable supply make Harbor Fir an excellent choice for homeowners and contractors alike.


  • 1x standard thickness, 2x available by order
  • Random Widths 6 to 10” standard, 12” available
  • 6 to 16’ Long standard, to 20’

Pro Tip

Feel free to mix and match an assortment of Antique Brown or Gray Barnwood or WeatheredBlend material for added character and authenticity.