Antique Gray Barnwood


Yep, the Real McCoy (and maybe Grandpappy Amos pitched hay on these very boards).

Antique Barnwood is carefully reclaimed from siding, roof boards, granary boards, loft floors and other parts of vintage structures.  Regularly used for exterior siding, interior paneling, ceiling material, soffits, fascia, base and case, doors, etc.


Combinations of Rough and Smooth can also be ordered to your preference.

  • Widths from 4 to 12” 1x and 2x thick
  • 4’ to 12’ Long

Grades & Variations

Mix & Match

Gray Barnwood is frequently mixed and matched with Brown Barnwood, in any ratio for your particular look (to order, or you can hand-select in our facility).

Pro Tip

Antique/Reclaimed Barnwood is a premium product. If you want the look of Antique Barnwood at a less expensive price point, take a look at our NatureAged Barnwood  for products designed to give you the best value for your dollar!