Architectural Mouldings

 Mouldings provide the finishing touch to a room.

Nothing makes a beautiful room soar like smartly-chosen moulding: our eye sees and our subconscious is soothed by a sense of completion.
We like to say that the job of moulding is to manage transitions: where the wall rests on the floor, where the ceiling rests upon the wall, where our doors and windows move us through the walls into the next space…

Crown draws our eye upward, creating an impression of height where one may not exist. Casing acts like a picture frame around a beautiful door, or of the view out the window. Baseboard lends a sense of strength and substance. Chair Rail and Picture Rail provide functionality as well as visual interest.

These four fundamental groups are complemented by a vast array of trim options: panel mouldings, wainscot, columns and pilasters, fireplace surrounds, etc.

The myriad designs available in both hardwood and paint-grade mouldings let your personal sense of style roam free. After the construction is done and the walls are painted, put your personal stamp on your space with architectural mouldings.