Hardwood & Softwood Decking

Nothing beats the look and feel of natural wood decking. Myriad colors and textures,  and unique grain patterns that can be achieved only with wooden deck materials. Our selection of Softwood and Hardwood decking is matched only by our knowledge and expertise: what’s your next Los Angeles deck project? We’ve got a selection including IPE, Mangaris, Teak, and more that would be perfect for your deck in LA. If you’re building a Los Angeles deck, we can supply the materials you need!


Composite Decking

Long on life span and short on hassle, composite decking is easier to install and easier to live with: no rotting, no splintering, no staining. Vast selection, coordinated handrail systems, and environmentally friendly, too. What’s not to love? Check out our Trex material


Bamboo Decking

Beautiful, durable, and low in maintenance. The most environmentally friendly of all decking materials.  Class A fire rated, Moso is approved for Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Zones. Lower your cost with highly efficient installation. Perfect for a Los Angeles deck

Decking Accessories

Everything you need to complete your Los Angeles deck project!

  • Deck Screws for Hardwoods and Composites, including color-matching heads
  • Clip Systems for Hidden-Fastener installations
  • Drills and Drivers for Top-Screw installations, including complete color-matched Plug Systems
  • Tools to Make Your Los Angeles Deck Project Easier like the DeckWise Hardwood Wrench and Gap Spacers
  • Finishes, IpeOil, End-Grain Sealers, Deck Cleaner & Brightener

Siding and Cladding

Siding and cladding are protective materials for a building’s exterior. Along with the roof, these materials form the first line of defense against the elements, thus creating a stable, more comfortable environment in the interior while enhancing the building’s beauty. We offer Trex, IPE, Teak, and more in the San Fernando Valley!