NatureAged Painted


Celebrating America in classic red white and blue?

Your little princess simply will not sleep under anything but a pink ceiling?

And, dude, we know! The man cave must represent your Lakers or Raiders!

We got you covered. Go find your paint chip at the big paint stores and give us the number. Tell us percentage of coverage: a 10% barely-there hint of the original color showing through, or completely coated (don’t).

We’ll bring you back your custom NatureAged Barnwood that’ll be the envy of the block, and your little baby girl will love you forever (or at least ‘til she’s 15).

Everything else about it is NatureAged: great value, naturally aged, consistent dimensions, ready supply.


  • 1x and 2x standard thicknesses
  • Thick stock available to order
  • Widths to 12”
  • 6 to 16’ Long