NatureAged Gray


No chemicals, no stains, no foolin’….   just wood and weather.

NatureAged Barnwood is a great rustic value. NatureAged is new or rescued material that has been naturally weathered to give it an authentic rustic charm.

The look and feel of true antique barnwood at a more attractive price.

We let Mother Nature do her job

Spread over 160 acres at the edge of the Great Salt Lake’s Promontory Point, these boards see four seasons of sun, rain, wind and snow, not to mention the salt air from water that’s ten times saltier than the ocean.

There is wood out there that has been chemically treated and stained to mimic reclaimed lumber. NatureAged is the result of patience and the elements. You deserve it.



For contractors looking for a consistent, reliable source of rustic lumber, NatureAged is for you! PLUS, consistent widths, straight edges, and long lengths: what’s not to love? Your clients will thank you.

  • 1x and 2x standard thicknesses
  • Thick stock available to order
  • Widths to 12”,  6 to 16’ Long

Pro Tip

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