Boxed Thins


This stuff is the bomb, seriously.

Real, authentic reclaimed/weathered paneling that’s easy to install and looks spectacular.


All pieces are 5” wide, all 5/16” thick*.

Every box holds 30 square feet, in lengths of 1’, 2’, 3’, & 4’ (heavy to the 4-footers). You hardly need a calculator, let alone a contractor (well, if you’re handy).  DIY Not??

Color Assortments

Gray Blend

Brown Blend

Gray-and-Brown Blend

All Redwood (distinctly different)

Mixed Hardwood Bright Thins

Wait, what? Yes, Mixed Hardwood Bright Thins. We take reclaimed and weathered boards and band-saw the weathered faces off. You get real rustic material but with clean and bright faces. No softwoods. Survey says… “way cool!”

Pro Tip

*Okay, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Like everything else, somebody has to make a cheap knockoff. You can find something like this at the home centers. New wood that’s been sliced and chemically treated to look old. And it’s 1/4” thick. That’s really thin, folks. Caveat emptor (which is Latin for “don’t come cryin’ to me when you find out it sucks”).