Antique Redwood


Antique Redwood  has a look distinctly different from any of the other reclaimed barnwoods. The colors vary from grays to blacks, tans to dark– and red-brown, sometimes in the same board!  This is the attraction of Antique Redwood lumber.

Like all of our antique reclaimed lumber, Redwood wears its bumps and bruises proudly, earned as a witness to the history of the of the West. It is salvaged from barns, fences, factories sheds, and other sources along the California coast.


Offered in 1×6 and 1×8, generally shorter lengths from 4 to 8 feet, though longer lengths can be found

  • Widths from 6 to 8”, 1x Thick
  • 4 to 8’ Long typical

Grades & Variations

Antique Redwood is primarily clear old-growth material which offers dimensional stability, plus increased insect– and decay-resistance typical of the species.

Did you know?

Our stocked material has weathered faces, but planed material can be ordered from the mill to reveal the beautiful ruddy color and grain of old growth redwood.