All Natural, Selected for Excellence: Red Mangaris™

Premium Hardwood Decking and Siding with a 20-Year Warranty!

Mangaris™ is properly kiln-dried, hand-selected All-Clear All-Heart Red Balau. Consistent deep-red with minor fine brown ribbon stripes, comparisons with mahogany are unavoidable.

But the comparisons don’t end with the rich color: the tight interlocked grain of Mangaris™ will remind you of Honduran Mahogany, too. But Mangaris™ produces very stable decking that is much harder than mahogany (1600 Janka vs 900) and more dense. Which means fewer dents and dings, an greater durability.

Valencia Lumber offers Red Mangaris™  in 1×6, with lengths from 8′ to 20′ (sixteens are always in stock, all other lengths on a next-day basis).

We also offer all of the tools and accessories needed to install your deck, either with a hidden clip system or screws.




Buyer Beware: you can buy Balau lumber that is not Mangaris™.

Not all sub-species of the Shorea genus are the same! All are natural hardwoods, but only the best all-clear Dark Red Balau heartwood makes the grade for Mangaris™. Like many lumber species, the heartwood and sapwood of Red Balau perform differently for weather, insect, and rot resistance. Look for the Mangaris™ stamp to ensure you’re getting the best of this tropical hardwood, and the 20-Year Warranty against rot and decay.