Our architectural grades of Redwood exhibit the highest standards for color, grain and dimensional stability. These are the ideal choices for sash-and-door, trimwork, cabinetry, and siding/paneling. The heartwood of Redwood is naturally insect- and decay-resistant.  Lightweight and soft, redwood is exceptionally stable, with very little shrinkage or seasonal movement.


  • (Rough & S4S)
  • 1×2 thru 1×12
  • 2×2 thru 2×12

Timbers & Beams available by Special Request

Grades & Variations

Clear All Heart

This is king of Redwood, the highest architectural grade. Free of knots, consistent color (no sapwood) and grain. Perfect for all indoor applications, and sought after for high-end exterior use (hot tubs, decking, trellis and garden structures).

Clear Aye

With more visual character than Clear All Heart, due to varying amounts of lighter sapwood, Clear Aye can be used in all of the same applications. A considerably less expensive option with the added benefit of contrasting color and personality.

B Grade

Offers the best value, with most knots on the back side. Just right in a one-sided application.

Con Heart/Deck Heart

Heartwood without the perfection of Clear All Heart, Con Heart is used for decks & stairs, posts, planters, and other exterior applications, especially in contact with the ground. Permissible imperfections include knots of various sizes.

Did you know?

All of our redwood grades are kiln-dried, including Con Heart.