Douglas Fir



We specialize in the appearance grades of Douglas Fir, selected from older, slow-growth timbers. Doug Fir is distinguished by its handsome and remarkably straight grain patterns and rosy hue. Moisture levels are carefully controlled in the premium grades to ensure dimensional stability for furniture- and cabinet-makers and for architectural millwork.


  • Thicknesses: 4/4 thru 16/4.

  • Widths: 2” thru 12”

    Timbers & Beams available by Special Request

Grades & Variations

85/15 Vertical Grain

Old Growth lumber will average a minimum of 6 to 8 growth rings per inch on either end of the board. The appearance will be close-set lines on the faces, and the boards will be the most dimensionally stable.


A clear Vertical Grain fir from new growth or fast growth trees. Contains larger and fewer growth rings per inch, and the appearance will be wider lines, but generally straight.

C & Btr Mixed Grain

A combination of Vertical Grain (straight grain) and Flat Grain which produces cathedrals and a rotary grain appearance.


Our DPO (D-&-Better Pullout) surpasses most moulding-grade offerings. You will achieve higher yields because ours has no wane and is produced in fixed widths.

Did you know?

Considerably more expensive than knotty grades, clear and nearly clear Douglas Fir is produced from less abundant, long-rotation, managed western forests.