Weathered Antique Oak Lumber


Rock solid, hard as nails

Tough when it was new, Antique Oak is even tougher now, having weathered decades in service to it’s original purpose.

Red and White Oak is hand-selected out of lumber that was reclaimed from vintage structures:  loft floors, granary boards, etc. A definite rustic appearance, in varying degrees per board. Nail holes and rust stains, checks and surface cracks are common, and desirable!

This stuff is tough and dependable: start with wood that’s extremely hard, then air-dry it for decades and you get lumber that’s far more stable than the new kids on the block.

Weathered Antique Oak Lumber is regularly used for exterior siding, interior paneling, ceiling material, soffit material, fascia, base and case, trim, doors, cabinets, etc.

One weathered face always, typically both faces are weathered.


  • Widths from 3 to 6” (most common 5-6), 1x and 2x thick
  • Typical 8-13’ lengths

Wides and longs available by order