Timbers & Mantels


Love at first glance

The tone is set the minute you walk into the room: Rustic beams and fireplace mantels invite you in and warm the heart with character that can’t be duplicated.

Antique lumber with a rich resume of hard work, ready to begin a second career. Hand-hewn timbers were formed by hand using axes, and retain the personality left by the craftsman. Rough-sawn beams with visible circle-saw markings are more refined but still carry the personality they assumed a century ago.

We offer these robust items as Timbers and Fireplace Mantels, but with a little imagination they can become bold shelves or tabletops.


Timbers are available from a single accent beam to entire exterior and interior timber packages. Structural grades are available. The selection is huge,  multiple species from a 3”x6” 4-footer to a massive 18”x24”x40’ monster.

Mantles: can be made of any of the beams, finished and unfinished.