Case Moulding (Casing) covers the unfinished gap between door jambs or window frames and the walls.

Typically two to three inches wide and consisting of three mitered pieces (two verticals and a head casing), Casing offers a wide variety of design choices.

Go big, go crazy. Build that header up with deep Cornice moulding on top of sturdy pilasters to frame a larger doorway in a room with higher ceilings. Match that look with your windows as well. Or just add decorative blocks (rosettes) in the top corners for just a little more visual interest.

Casing is also frequently used as wider and thicker horizontal banding in place of Chair or Picture Rail. So many choices!

Valencia Lumber and Panel will custom-mill any profile in any species, and we stock Casing in UltraLight MDF, Alder, Cherry, Red Oak, Poplar, Maple, and Walnut.