Chair Rails are installed as horizontal bands about 30” to 40” from the floor.

Initially used to protect walls from damage caused by furniture, Chair Rail can also be applied in a strictly decorative manner, to separate different wall coverings such as paint and wallpaper, or as the top frame for wainscoting.

Chair rail profiles are frequently used as panel moulding to create a “picture frame” of color where a more robust statement is desired. And no need to stop there: beefier Casing can stand in for Chair Rail as well.

Picture Rail is differentiated from Chair Rail primarily by where it is located on the wall. Typically mounted a foot or more below the Cornice (Crown), Picture Rail allows picture frames to be hung without the need for driving nails into the walls. Beyond functionality, Picture Rail (and it’s close cousin, Plate Rail) can simply separate two paint colors high on a wall.

Valencia Lumber and Panel will custom-mill any profile in any species, and we stock Chair Rail in UltraLight MDF, Alder, Cherry, Red Oak, Poplar, Maple, and Walnut.