Baseboards are used where the wall joins the floor. Base is typically simple, often with a rounded “base shoe” or cove trim at its bottom edge.

Baseboard shouldn’t be an afterthought, a 2-to-3 inch tall “necessary evil” to hide that unsightly gap between floor and wall. Dare to go just a little taller, properly proportioned to ceiling height, and even simple base an add a dramatic impact in a room.

In combination with Chair Rail, Baseboard frames out wainscoting or board-and-batten siding. Like so many other moulding profiles, Baseboard can be used in combinations limited only by your imagination. Mounted upside down, base teams with crown to produce a larger crown effect in high-ceilinged rooms.

Valencia Lumber and Panel will custom-mill any profile in any species, and we stock Baseboard in UltraLight MDF, Alder, Cherry, Red Oak, Poplar, Maple, and Walnut.