Coast Redwood Fencing (Sequoia sempervirens)

Coast Redwood gives Western Red Cedar a run for its money.  It’s not easy to choose between these two excellent species for outdoor uses.

Redwood has beautiful red-brown color that gets more red as the amount of heartwood increases. Redwood has very tight grain and minimal knots (depending on grade). The natural oils and acids in the wood, which make staining more challenging, repel insects and avoid rot and decay.

Red wood has a unique ability to absorb and release moisture, staying in balance with its immediate environment, which adds stability. Red wood is denser than Cedar, so it is less prone to splintering or splitting.

Like all natural wood fencing materials, Redwood will take on a silver-gray patina. To preserve the natural color of your redwood fencing, a light sanding and re-applications of  penetrating sealer every year after will preserve the rich red color and striking good looks.


Valencia Lumber and Panel Delivers High Grade Lumber

For Redwood Fencing, we Suggest:

  • Clear Aye Grade Coast Redwood: offered as:
    • Rough
    • S4S (surfaced 4 sides)
    • T&G