Western Red Cedar Fencing (Thuja Plicata)

Western Red Cedar wears the crown as king of the softwood fences. This stuff lasts. Great looking, few knots, tight straight grain, and it stands up to the weather. (Houses and fences on the coast of Oregon have worn the same cedar for decades).

Add decay- and insect-resistance, it doesn’t warp or shrink: no wonder Western Red Cedar wears the pants in this family.

Like all natural wood fencing materials, Cedar weathers to a silvery gray, and will require periodic maintenance. The application of a penetrating sealer at installation and every year after will preserve the color and beauty of your cedar fencing. Regardless, expect that on occasion a plank will need replacing.


Valencia Lumber and Panel sources WRC from the leading producer in the U.S.

Of the many options we offer for sale, these are the grades we recommend for fencing:

  • Clear, Vertical Grain (VG): Rough or  S4S (surfaced 4 sides), or T&G
  • STK (“Sound Tight Knots”): T&G