Avodire, Central/West African hardwood (Turraeanthus africana)

Creamy-white to pale yellow, Avodire will age to a golden yellow.  Heartwood and sapwood are barely distinguishable. Grain can be uniform or wavy and interlocked, which can present some tear-out challenges in a species that is otherwise easy to work.

There is natural lustrousness to Avodire, so it’s frequently used as a veneer, in addition to furniture applications. “African Satinwood” is a common, though inaccurate, nickname.

Avodire is not insect- or rot-resistant, so exterior applications are not recommended.


Valencia Lumber stocks 4/4 Avodire, surfaced. Thicker stock and other grain effects can be special-ordered in lumber or veneers: curly, wavy, pillow, etc.