Ash Eastern North America (Fraxinus Americana)

Also called: White Ash, American White Ash,  Baseball Bat (just kidding , but that’s what I think of when I hear “Ash”)

Ash has the pale color of maple but with more distinct, coarser grain, like the oaks. The different earlywood and latewood contrast makes for some beautiful color variations and visual interest.

Ash is quite hard (see “baseball bat”, above) which produces fine furniture and cabinets, in addition to flooring, and products like oars that require strength and durability. Like hickory, ash is frequently used in turning tool handles (hammers) or pool cues, because of it’s shock resistance.

Sadly, North America’s ash forests have been under attack by the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive insect from Asia, since about 2000. We’ve lost millions of Ash trees in the US and Canada, which has reduced supply.



We stock 4/4 Ash, rough and surfaced, at Valencia Lumber, with thicker stock available for special order, as well as beautiful Ash hardwood plywood.

When finished, Ash can look a lot like oak with ranges from very pale yellow to deep browns.